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Our Golden Retriever Breed

We breed under a strictly controlled framework as a member of the  GRC (Golden Retriever Club e.V.) and we oblige to the breed and health standards of this wonderful and lovely dogs. Our breed is protected by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique International) and obliges the breed requirements of the VDH (Verband für das deutsche Hundewesen).

As breeder it is our main goal to offer you a healthy Golden Retriever with a strong

character. By carefully conducted genealogical research and carefully selected male dog we try to lay the cornerstone for healthy and long living puppies. With appropriate facilitation and selection our dogs are suitable as family dogs as well as therapy dogs, working dogs and for breeding. 

With a puppy from our breed you will receive a healthy and chipped dog with an ancestor chart, socialized as a family dog in the first weeks of living. We put emphasize on daily life situations and bonding with human beings.

On top we try to evaluate the character of each puppy within the pack to best provide for their needs. All our puppies grow up in our house and garden and take part on our daily life. They receive healthy dog food, are vaccinated and dewormed. 

As a customer you oblige to provide a lifelong and sustainable home for your dog.

Finja´s Garden will always support you on all your questions and concerns you may

have for a puppy which we have bred.