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September 2019

Finja had her first date!


In northern Germany, in  Renzow/Schwerin in the kennel "von Schnellenberg" she met amazing Quincy (Remington Rigoletto).


Thanks a lot to  Natascha, Katja and Matthias Wiegand for the best hospitality ever! 

August 2019

We had very nice holidays in Den Haag. Finja was with us in all situations.  

July 2019

We are very happy about Finja´s first positioning under the finalists. She recieved the 3rd position in Pfronten with an excellent assessment!

June 2019

30 years GRC / Show Weekend  in Beckum

Finja recieved an "excellent" and a "very good"! :->

A special Thank you to  Natascha Wiegand for presenting!

The day after:

May 2019

12. Mittelfranken-Show /Markt Bibart/ 4th of May 2019

We are happy! An "Excellent" for Finja

April 2019

Eastern in Taubertal

April 2019

Finja (2) and Flecki (12) in garden

March 2019

Finja and family spent their holidays in Suis Wallis 

Our first litter

Our first litter of puppies is planned for fall 2019